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The assessment we do will let you know if your water is safe to drink or not. City water treatment centers are recycling sewage water and that is why it contains E-Coli, chlorine, calcium, magnesium, aluminum, mercury, arsenic, fluoride, and copper. We have affordable RO filters that will produce safe good quality nutritional alkaline water. Reverse Osmosis Water Purification Systems. And a variety of products, motorcycles, and electronics. Tonyspuresystem.com.
To ensure safe drinking of good quality alkaline water for you and your family. Alkaline water is nutritional with many benefits. That will not only clean your whole system but will also flush out your kidneys.
Live a full acid-free life where cancer cells cannot live. With alkaline water, it will kill all acidic cells that are housing for cancer cells to grow. Drinking bottled water is, considered safe by the FDA. But plastic is, made with a chemical compound called BPA. (Bisphenol A). Which in turn will give you cancer if left in your hot car.
Tap water is worst of course because it has over a hundred contaminants. To name a few contaminants.
and a whole lot more.
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Good luck everybody. Feel free to share this important warning alert about the over a hundred contaminants in our city water. 
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Even natural spring water is contaminated from agriculture farming with Pesticides and Herbicides. Alkaline water helps you flush out your entire system and kidneys, and will kill any acidic cells that are housing for cancer cells to grow in your body. That is why we need to drink alkaline water and do a search for information leading to how many contaminants are in our city or spring water. If you go to ewg.org you can find the information you can search for by entering your zip code to find out how many contaminants your city water has.
“I'm a testimonial. that this purifying system
works for me. Since I have been drinking the alkaline water it has helped me flush out my system and kidneys of all toxins
and I have no more stomach and intestinal problems.